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Every once in a while, down through the pages of time, the life and works of one man forever changes the lives of millions of people. Martin Luther King, Jr. was such a man.

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Listen To My Dream by Debi Pearl.


Listen To My Dream is a 40 page soft covered book written in two parts. The first part is a poetic overview of Martin Luther King Jr’s life, emphasizing the good he did toward racial equality. The first part of the book is fully illustrated with drawings made by Michael and Debi Pearl. The second part is a more detailed outline of the civil rights movement and King’s part in it, written in narrative form and without illustrations.

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Book Review: Listen To My Dream

In December of 2009, Pearl Books LLC published the book Listen To My Dream, a children’s-level biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. In lilting poetic meter the book focuses on King’s part in bringing about social justice for the blacks. In this he is certainly worthy of recognition.
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Life and Works of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was brought into this world as Michael Luther on January 15, 1929. Later on, his name was changed to Martin. Martin Luther King, Jr. is most well-known as a lobbyist and minister defending the rights of the African-American community.

He was brought up in a segregated southern State in a time when the African-American society were seen as unequal and discriminated against. He enrolled and graduated from public school in Georgia at fifteen. In the year 1948, Morehouse College, a dignified African- American institute from Atlanta where his father and grandfather received their degrees, granted him a diploma for his degree in Sociology.

He was enrolled in graduate school in Boston when he met his wife, Coretta Scott, a prominent and influential woman in her time who understood Martin’s purpose in the African-American society. Shortly after they met, they decided to get married and had four wonderful children, two sons, and two daughters.

As Martin’s father and grandfather were, Martin became a pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church. He served his church as his father’s protégé until he died. He was not only a civil rights icon but he was also considered a martyr in 2 other Christian churches in America.

A march for peace and prosperity was held on August 28, 1963 in Washington. History was made on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington as Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech in front of more than 250,000 people who came to witness and hear this well-known national speaker. He was declared ‘Man of the Year’ by Time Magazine later that year.

He was taken into custody countless times and received numerous death threats. He was reciting his views and aspirations for a better America from Birmingham Jail in one of those times when he was restrained where he wrote the famous Birmingham Letter. Protests he personally led brought about change and made the US Congress come up with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Act protected African-Americans or other ethnic groups from being treated unjustly.

He received a Nobel Peace Prize at the young age of 35 for his outstanding contribution to eliminate racial discrimination. He was at the forefront of the 1968 protest in Tennessee against unfair treatment to African American garbage workers. Sadly, he was murdered by James Earl Ray on the terrace of his motel room.

The memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. will not be forlorn as long as his sacrifice to bring forth equal rights is present among us. Martin Luther King, Jr Day is annually celebrated on the third Monday of January. This MLK Day, take a moment to remember how one life, devoted to the good of others, can make a huge impact on the world.

As a helpful resource Debi Pearl has written a tribute to MLK titled Listen To My Dream. Find out more, including why she was motivated to write it here.


Many thanks to the Heirs of the Estate of Martin Luther King, Jr. for their cooperation in making this book a reality.

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  1. Wilma Rodriguez

    I just read the book with my 8 and 6 year old it was great we all almost cried talking about it. We will go out and buy the book.Thank you!

  2. lydia Fiaher

    I have in possession a poem written by Rebbecca Pearl,Is this your Dau,Could I have permission to use in in my magazine(Ladies Journal)
    The poem is titled Mountain MA&PA Written 1991,please respond soon,It’s a great poem for Mothers Day! Thanks Lydia


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