Winding Down and Revving Up

imageWhile 2010 is coming to a close, lots of exciting projects are finishing up and new ones are beginning.

The second in the Yell and Tell book series, Sara Sue Learns To Yell And Tell, is finished! My goal is to complete four Yell and Tell books, including one in Spanish.

It broke my heart to write this book in a child’s voice, to speak for the young victims. Of the reported sexual assaults on children, half of them are committed by a friend of the family. Forty percent of child sexual assaults are committed by a family member such as an uncle or grandfather. Only ten percent of child molesters are actual strangers. According to statistics, 1 out of 4 little girls is molested. This means that one fourth of the female population face adulthood — marriage and parenthood — having known what it is to be sexually molested.

Sarah Sue is the main character of this book. She teaches her little sister, Pearlie, seven clues to use and be prepared because, “Those prepared are usually spared!” In simple language children are given ways to know how to make good choices and recognize when a predator is using them.

Sarah Sue Learns To Yell And Tell is scheduled for release in January. The reader response to advance copies is really encouraging. Children love the book, and parents are telling us that their kids are asking good questions that open up opportunities for them to discuss the subject with their little ones.

imageThat reminds me! Captain Steve Pearl has been kind enough to do some YouTube videos for NGJ Ministries on safety for women and children. He’s also finished recording some DVDs to teach children how to protect themselves that will be available soon. This is important information as slavery is on the rise in the United States. More people today are enslaved by human traffickers than when slavery was legal in this country! That’s difficult to comprehend, but it’s true! Parents will want to keep a look out for more information on Captain Steve’s safety DVDs for children.

imageThe animé movie of the book Good & Evil is making good progress. The audio was recorded around the end of October. Jerit has been investing over 70 hours of his time some weeks! We heard that one of the voice actors spent time between takes reading through the book and going through the Bible to verify that the stories were actually in there. Even as he worked on the project, God was working on his heart!

imageFor those who enjoy Mike’s Bible teaching, get ready! For many weeks he has been working some long hours to produce an updated study on Revelation. He is planning on having several DVDs as well as a study guide packaged and available soon. Watch for it!

With the New Year, Mike and I plan on traveling, doing interviews and taking classes to learn to use a Bible program. So 2011 promises to be filled with lots more exciting adventures! Thank you for your prayers!

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